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Developing Innovative Strategies



Affinity offers a variety of services to meet both individual and organizational needs. We offer coaching, consulting, assessments, and workshops to enhance the growth of leaders. We have some of the industry’s most seasoned consultants and coaches with expertise in a wide range of leadership development offerings. We are happy to provide a complimentary coaching session or consultation to learn more about our services. Please contact us at +507-61608005 for more information.


Professional coaching has quickly become known as one of the fastest and most effective ways to build sustainable change in people and organizations. It is a collaborative engagement between the coach and one individual or between the coach and a group or team. Whether one person is the client or the group is the client, the core function of the coaching relationship is to move the client closer to intended outcomes they have set for themselves. We provide career and leadership coaching to individuals and organizational clients.

A coach’s role is to build the partnership and lead the process so that there is (are):

  • Clarity about what a client wants

  • Connection between those ‘wants’ and the client’s internal motivation

  • Options for new or reinforced actions, behaviors or thought patterns that support getting what the client wants

  • Support for decision-making for phased, doable action plans

  • Support for execution – following the action plan so that the client has short term success and builds momentum toward what s/he wants


We also offer consulting services to support the needs of organizational clients. We partner with organizations to understand their needs and design solutions that help to attract, retain and develop future leaders. We have experience working with corporations, colleges and universities and non-profit agencies. A few of our consulting services include:

  • Career Development

  • Organizational Development

  • Organizational Culture Assessment

  • Talent Management

  • Test and Selection Development

  • Executive Assessment

  • Performance Management Systems



AZG International was founded in 2021 to help organizations and their people create and implement their strategic plans. We do this by facilitating strategic planning meetings,leading corporate training, and providing executive coaching and expert advice to senior leaders.


We are passionate about providing exceptional and adaptable service, which means working alongside our clients so we can get to know your organization’s culture. We take a people-firstapproach, making sure our strategic planning is valuable, enjoyable, and sustainable for your teams. You need processes and frameworks that are accessible and easy to understand, so we deliver solutions that empower you to become proficient in strategic planning and thinking so you can continue executing solutions in the future.



Coaching has opened my eyes to new perspectives and ideas that I just couldn’t see before. I have been far more willing to take action and make changes in my leadership style because of the level of trust and commitment in our coaching relationship.

Project Manager

Dora Bridges

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